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Reb Frost - Fine Artist

Reb Frost

Reb Frost

Verdun/Montreal, QC - Canada

I am a Fine Artist - painter, illustrator, former woodworker..... urban explorer and experimental photographer, documenting urban changes in specific areas of Montreal.

I paint and create a variety of works and also like to do some experimental works with different themes as well.
The whole world interests me so why should I limit my creativity?
I am a great believer in capturing the simple moments of the city of Montreal. A bus ride on the way to work, an old building...a conversation on the street... little moments in history.. all captured through my art .. Too much of life simply passes us by and sometimes i think it is good to reflect on the smaller and much simpler things that create who we are and why we are here.. and how we all connect in this universe..

I would personally like to thank all my clients and friends who support my work.
All artwork and photography posted under my name and created by me, are originals... and all rights belong to me unless otherwise specified by me..If you wish to copy/publish or purchase any of these images please contact me. thank you....

*Please note: I ask that if you choose to purchase either prints or originals of my work contact me directly or use the FAA site to ensure that you are protected from any site that is not approved for selling my work.

New works are coming...very soon!

'Let each man exercise the art he knows.'
- Aristophanes




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